• Jian Ouyang tutored me in AP physics this past year–a class that did not sit well with me when I was on my own. I was very impressed by his teaching. There was a wealth of practice tests and material, very straightforward overviews with a no-nonsense flare, and ample opportunity to learn from the many times I failed one of the practice problems (many, many times it felt like). I ended up earning the top grade in my physics class by a little miracle work from Dr. Ouyang, and I’m very grateful for his service.
    –Sam W., Stanford Class of 2018


  • I first started classes with Mr. Jian Ouyang to help me improve my SAT math score. Although I consistently scored high, I was never able to reach the perfect score. After a few months of weekly classes, I took the SAT and got an 800 in math! The classes are well planned out and any questions are fully answered. One of the things I enjoyed the most about the class is how simple he made the material. He explained the content in less time than any of my teachers, emphasizing the most important material. His strategies and memory tips are simple yet effective, and I could not have received a full score on the SAT math section without his help.
    –Julia D., Yale Class of 2019



  • Special thanks to Mr. Ouyang, who was able to raise my
    SAT mathematics score from a 570 to an 800 in less than 20 sessions. It was a pleasure learning from him. His teachings are systematic and efficient. Out of the several tutors I had learnt from, I showed the biggest improvement from Mr. Ouyang. I am very happy to have Mr. O as my tutor, and will continue to seek help from him. Not only in mathematics, but in physics (His main area of study) as well. It was the first time that I felt money was well spent, and it was an honor being his student.
    Yusong Z. on 2/15/2014.